ABABABABABABAS (Blue Lion Child) by Innercity

ABABABABABABAS (Blue Lion Child) by Innercity

12 GBP
Do you ever listen to a record and worry about its creator's sanity? Granted, it rarely happens, but in the case of Innercity—Antwerp producer Hans Dens—it's a legitimate concern. Thankfully, Dens' seeming madness manifests itself in music so uncompromising and off the charts of classification, it convinces you that any kind of sonic innovation at this late date demands a bit of mental instability. By way of explanation, Dens says, “People forget that there is only magic in this world, mostly black, nothing more.” In other news: You will never confuse this Innercity with Kevin Saunderson's Inner City.

ABABABABABABAS (Blue Lion Child) makes Dens' rather strange first album on Further, 2012's A Lion's Baptism, seem like radio-friendly fodder by comparison. The producer admits, “This release is surely one of my harsher, bleak ones... I tried to keep it pure, and again bleak. Also put the keyboards in the shelf for this one; it's all guitar and violin through an array of effects...” “BAAL'S (KITTEN TRUMPETEER CHOIR)” fades in with what sounds like waves of harsh, scalding feedback—let's call it “the black metal of ambient.” Dens conjures pitiless, post-apocalyptic atmospheres, but imbues them with a residual glow of dignity. The tidal “MASKS AND MOLD MATTER” could be a noir soundtrack that's too weird... more
released June 1, 2015

Written & produced by Hans Dens & Bart De Paepe
Cut by CGB
Artwork by Chloe Harris