Andrew Fogarty / David Lacey - The Wig

Andrew Fogarty / David Lacey - The Wig

The Wig is a collage of workplace field recordings informed by Michel de Certeau's tactic of "le perruque" - doing one's own work on company time. The presque rien of box shuffling, machine hum and indeterminate rattling heard here seem to be the audible manifestations of general archive and office activity. If ingenious subversion sounds the same as knuckling down, how many trees fall in the productivist forest?
David Lacey has long been highly active in the irish improv scene, most recently playing in the group Rainfear, while also working in a duo with Patrick Farmer. Andrew Fogarty was previously a member of noise duo Toymonger, synth trio Boys of Summer and established the Munitions Family label.