Andrew Liles & Jean-Hervè Peron - Fini!

Andrew Liles & Jean-Hervè Peron - Fini!

A perfect meeting of minds between Liles and Faust's Jean-Hervè Peron. 


My Ears, My Ears! 
A collaboration between Jean-Hervè Peron of Faust and Andrew Liles of Nurse With Wound. 
Andrew Liles seems to be flavour of the month at the moment. Popping up here there and everywhere. From remixing classic Current 93 albums, to performing with Nurse With Wound to this most unlikely of collaborations. If you’d have asked me who I thought Andrew Liles was likely to be working with next, Jean-Hervè Peron would never have been someone I would have thought of. I always associate Andrew Liles with a very electronic/ experimental sound much more built up from samples and keyboards and then processed rather than the more traditional sounds of guitars, drums and vocals that we get here. That said this does work pretty well and they have created a very entertaining album. 
The album starts with its longest piece “The Drummer is on Valium.” I love this track. Basically consisting of JHP saying “The Drummer is on Valium,” backed by a tribal sounding drum pattern...  more


released December 2, 2016 

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