Collision Objects - Practice & Theory

Collision Objects - Practice & Theory

'Practice & Theory' is the debut release from Dublin-based sound designer Collision Objects. The album comprises five expansive, slow-burning tracks combining generative textures with composed and improvised structures.

In 3D topology, collision detection is deployed to resolve the overlap of objects in a simulated space; in our increasingly digitally-augmented world, the spatial partitions between physical and virtual bodies are less easily defined. We often interact with fabricated objects and environments in ways that are uncertain and unpredictable. As our offline and online experiences become ever more enmeshed, the self emerges as the sum of what is embodied and what is virtually constructed - existing on the threshold of the real and the rendered.

Recorded and mixed in real-time with minimal post-hoc edits, 'Practice & Theory' moves gradually through a series of algorithmic flows and processes. These coincide and conflict with conventional electronic music programming to create a hybrid system that attempts to articulate corporeal and technological precarity through extended cycles of repetition and deviation, interference and clearance, consolidation and decay.