Dizzcock - A.L.


Dizzcock is one third of the amazing Lightning Glove (Tesla Tapes / OnoTesla) from Prague. Released on the inimitable Red For The Colour Blind Label, A.L. draws inspiration from a 1994 video game called System Shock, infusing his music with not only its actual sounds but also its dystopian, disjointed energy.  Dark, hard-edged, soulless-in-a-good-way, and difficult to follow or understand, tracks like "Emergency" off AL reflect System Shock's aesthetic well (it seems). "Emergency"s remix by Manchester's Raikes Parade (which comes of AL's all-remixes B-side) is a little more to-the-point, fixed more to a beat, pushing forward with more oomph than the original. However, it's still sinister: grimy, hollow, ready for a seance or the club, or a seance at the club. Also featuring Remixes from Gnod's Dwellings, Mike O'neill and Filter Dread this CS is well worth a fiver and is a tasty document of 2014 styles.