Lovingly pinched from Norman Records ;)

A new tape has arrived from one DJ R Tango, a Hungarian ‘family guy, music fiend, record collector, vinyl jockey, bleep maker’. Something tells me there’s some electronic tomfoolery afoot, so let’s grab the audio magnifying glass and let the good times roll.

So far there have been no bleeps. Not a blip or bloop in sight, just cold, tortured, mechanical clunking masked by untold layers of rasping distortion. If scaffolding could breathe, this is the sound that it would make. The horror, the horror. A fairly abrupt segue unveils an oozy, hopeful sustained synth, completely offsetting what came before with a dollop of warmth but also vanishing as fast as it arrived. Next track I guess? Ok now we’re in bleep zone. In the background, a noisy tone quietly screeches like distant cicadas, while our DJ Tango plops some Morton Subotnick blips erratically over the top. Unlike Dr Robotnik however, he keeps things nice and melodic, this aspect taking over as the piece progresses, growing into a twinkly cushion for your knackered neck. You weren’t head banging to the first bit? Shit, just me then.

The whole tape seems to be a sort of interplay between seriously worrying crumbled noises and super beautiful synth as a much needed respite. On the second side, single elements hang ambiguously between these two poles a bit more often than the first, but you get the picture. Hopefully. It could do with a bit more diversity on the synth side of things, but it’s still a nice fusion of melody and cold texture. Keep an eye on this Tango man.