FAMOUS MOON KING - Light travels in straight lines CS

More greatness from the mysterious Famous Moon King project, this time released on the Ono label.

Famous Moon King : Light Travels In Straight Lines
FMK Light Travels in Straight Lines. Ono 2017. Blurred smoggy foggy collaborations and communications between friends recorded in Salford and Trafford. Thanks to Joseph Haigh for his visionary experimental design with secrets to be discovered inside the packaging... Tape Loop Orchestra for arranging the opening track. All other collaborators are anonymous all tracks recorded by Famous Moon King.

A1 : Light Travels In Straight Lines 07:12
A2 : A Touch Of Acidity For A Special Lady 03:33
A3 : Theatrical Fog 07:38
A4 : Shape Of A Shadow 08:31

B1 : IUD (Dispilio Edit) 03:49
B2 : Specific Gratitude Is A Stride To Being More Conscious 11:26
B3 : Immigration is the highest form of flattery 07:54
B4 : IUD 02:42

C60 Tape Download available on bandcamp https://jcdecaux.bandcamp.com/album/light-travels-in-straight-lines

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