Khaal Bhumi - Volume 1 (Tesla Tape)

Khaal Bhumi - Volume 1 (Tesla Tape)

Bhopa walla - Rampal Bhopa and Papu Lal - Sarangi Walla's of the Great Thar desert India 2017 

Humla- Folk songs ,Shamanic rituals and Puja Bells of Humla & Buddanilkhanta, Nepal 2010 

A good friend of TT, Kitch has been on the road travelling mainly in the East for 10 years. He spends a lot of time in Nepal and India where he has amassed a wide range of friends,skills and adventure alongside a lot of beautiful audio and video recordings . 
Yusha Pun is Nepalese and has been documenting traditional practices throughout Nepal and India for many years with both audio and video. Yusha is also a longstanding Yoga teacher in Kathmandu . 
This is the first volume of their combined documentations and Tesla Tapes is honoured to release them .


released November 12, 2017 

Field recordings by Khaal Bhumi - (Yusha Pun & J.Kitch)

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