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This is an absolute beast , like all Khunnt releases. Again showing that there are certain folks in the North East of England that lead the charge when it comes to all that is heavy as fuck.

Following on from their sold out cassette release 'Brazen Bull' on RS sister label Swap Meat, Newcastle doom crunchers Kh├╝nnt return with easily their most fully formed ferocious sounding ear fucker yet. 'Failures' is one looooong song set over two sides of vinyl (with download code) and will be limited to 350 black vinyl copies in total. Richard Dawson is back on board and the band sound ready to fight any fucker put in front of them. Steer clear.

Mail order copies will come in two versions. The first is the standard LP on it's own, the second is an ultra-limited 50 only edition with the standard LP plus a 2xCDR set entitled 'Failures: Past, Present & Future' (SOLD OUT) which collects all the bands previous output to celebrate their tenth anniversary. This physical 2xCDR set will NOT be available on it's own, it's only available with the vinyl or in digital format with the 'Failures' download.

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