MYTHICAL BREWERY - 'ALCHEMY WITH FOOD AND STUFF' (we cook then play, what we cook and eat before we play)

cassette C90

Mythical Brewery band, Manchester , England.

Album - 'Alchemy with food and stuff' [ we cook then
play , what we cook and eat before we play. ]

Members -
Test track Kane, - Synths and drum machines and Rock and Roll Richard
on Guitar FX and Vocals. Both born on April 7th ,play on slow build
Psychedelic burners. Containing medleys of self penned rock and roll

Dub drone psychedelic, noise with Electronica, gabba, blues, punk and
rock n roll.

Fresh from playing Velvet Badger Music Festival in the Buxton Hills, England.

Recent Gigs also include METANAST -sound art, -electro acoustic music
– noise - Second Birthday Party festival in Dulcimer, Chorlton,
Manchester and Played Salford Shake Noise festival and playing at
self-curate -Mono noise festivals numbers 1-7 in Mono Bar, Chorlton,
Manchester ,

The Artist Olivia Glasser ‘ “love it. Like the fall with fat beats”
Dave and Sam from Nine Black Alps/ The Cribs– “nice noise”
Paddy from Gnod, “that great band from chorlton, all intricate nosies
and bassy basic beats, I like it”

Recorded on recycled cassettes.
Tunes started in conversation Clarence pub in Curry Mile, Moss Side
Manchester from love of Beefheart , Hendrix, Bowie, Syd Barratt, Jungle and d’n’b, and
graduated from Moss Lane East and Slade Hall parties.

Links –
Flatline music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd_pYFAZrmg

F L A T L I N E [ Mythical Brewery ] - YouTube
Excerpt from https://soundcloud.com/mythical-brewery/mythical-brewery-live-shake-festival-2014

Mythical Brewery channel

Mythical Brewery
Drone, Dub, psychedelic blues Noise band. Testrack Kane x Rock and Roll Richard Based Manchester

clouds video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX0MtvdWZXU

Live at Mono bar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF1zdAg_XkM

mythical brewery live mono bar basement gig 11:11:2016 ...
dub drone pychadelic find us on facebook groups

Velvet Badger Festival https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M05WaDwIA9I

mythical brewery at Velvet Badger 2016 part 2 . Nissen Crab Noodles
mythical brewery at Velvet Badger 2016 part 2 . Nissen Crab Noodles Testrack Kane x Rock and roll Rich

Live at Dulcimer

mythical brewery part 3 at dulcimer 15:4 2016 - YouTube
kane clover x Richard howe metanast 2nd birthday party.

live in home studio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvXVk5_ENWM

we also made some short films

Massive Badgers - YouTube
Massive Badgers Film Band make shambolic short films about a variety of things.


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