Nick Jonah Davies - House Of Dragons (Thread Recordings CD)

Nick Jonah Davies - House Of Dragons (Thread Recordings CD)

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There are not quite as many sensitive guys plucking at acoustic guitars in the style of John Fahey these days as may have been perhaps a couple of years ago. Nick Jonah Davis, solid of beard with a firm piece of wood in his hand, proceeds to lead us back to those heady days before the sad death of Jack Rose and when James Blackshaw still plucked longingly at a 12 string.

This is a lovely flowing album of solo guitar pluckings. The opener ‘House of Dragons’ most obviously reminds me of Michael Chapman’s ‘Trainsong’ collection with big chunky chord changes whilst ‘Pili Pala’ and ‘Zanzibar Chai’ are both dead ringers for the prettier end of the John Fahey catalogue. Other instruments such as dulcimer are introduced on the atmospheric ‘Double Peace’ which has something of the early work of Voice of Seven Woods about it.

It won’t shout it’s existence at you from the rooftops but put it on and it will slowly take charge, taking you into it’s calm sun dappled world, miles away from the stresses and strains of every day existence. Recommended Review from Normans Records...