Nurse With Wound - The Swinging Reflective

Nurse With Wound - The Swinging Reflective

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1-1Nurse With Wound & Diana RogersonDead Roads / Cradle Your Snatch / The Little Seed
1-2Steven Stapleton & Tony WakefordThe Frightened City
1-3Steven Stapleton & Legendary Pink Dots*The Window On The World
1-4Nurse With Wound & FoetusBrained By Falling Masonry
1-5Steven Stapleton & Current 93Panzer Ruin
1-6Nurse With Wound & StereolabAnimal Or Vegetable
1-7Nurse With Wound & William BennettDuelling Banjos
2-1Inflatable SideshowBone Frequency
2-2Nurse With Wound & StereolabSimple Headphone Mind
2-3Steven Stapleton & David TibetThe Dead Side Of The Moon
2-4Nurse With Wound & AranosGenerally Regarded As Safe
2-5Coil & Steven StapletonHow To Destroy Angels II
2-6Nurse With Wound & Chris Wallis / Peat BogAngle
2-7Nurse With Wound & Tiny Tim / Current 93Just What Do You Mean By "Antichrist"?
2-8Nurse With Wound & Jim O'RourkeTape Monkey Mooch

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