RKSS - Tunnel Cassette & Zine

Berlin's RKSS debuts on Michael Hann's excellent Reject & Fade label with a bleached-out suite of techno grind and wheeze accompanied by a 17-page 'zine of writing by William Bennett, Johan Laserre, Claire Murphy Morgan, and Christopher Nosnibor. It's a 'Tunnel' in both title and aesthetic, streaming the listener through a vortex of peeling, crumbling samples powered by claggy house chug and thunderous techno momentum from the eerie Dennis Greenidge-styled pause button collage and sub-aquatic trajectory of the title track thru the murder techno fmarch of 'Moment', to the granite-rolled groove of 'Winter' and the intra-dimensional Matthew Herbert styles of 'Trip'. Its a really canny session, as raw and seemingly freeform as anything from Opal Tapes alum, Dro Carey or Austin Cesear, but also with a filigree, refractively layered ambient quality sure to draw heads back for further investigation - ironically so as the tape decays with every listen…

Writeup (BOOMKAT)