Rupert Clervaux - Zibaldone I of CVX (Vinyl)

Rupert Clervaux - Zibaldone I of CVX (Vinyl)

‘Zibaldone I of CVX’ is the first in a series of releases from Rupert Clervaux (Sian Alice Group, recent collaborations with Beatrice Dillon, Spring Heel Jack, Treader Records...) which take their name from the title of Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi’s extensive notebooks. They are collections of sketches, vignettes and musical footnotes to Rupert’s ongoing and varied endeavours as a musician, listener, reader and writer. 

This first piece is in five sections (titles listed below), consisting of three thematic poetry recitals, read by Clervaux and others over sweltering ambient arrangements, along with two clattering percussive tracks created using a variety of sounds across the fidelity spectrum and finely sourced, layered samples. The result is a meandering and diverse musical journey which threads together succinct meditations on originality by Leopardi and Silvina Ocampo, and salutary warnings from Hölderlin and Derek Walcott! 

ZI.1 - ‘Imitazione’ 
ZI.2 - Titled 
ZI.3 - ‘Menschenbeifall’ 
ZI.4 - Ulyssean Time 
ZI.5...  more