Schwerpunkt - How To Be Saved And Know It

Schwerpunkt - How To Be Saved And Know It

‘How To Be Saved And Know It’ is the debut release by Schwerpunkt, out on the 28th of July 2014.

The name of the project captures both it's impetus and it's aim: Schwerpunkt translates roughly as 'focal point' - pure, focused sound that demands full concentration, for both the artist and the listener.

It is a project of Manchester based musician George Rayner-Law — synth and Sampler-er in ‘experimental post-hardcore’ bands Werk and Elk Blood. However, on this release he operates in a very different space, creating music that is meditative and minimal.

His interest in process music, drone, Noise, and the early work of Steve Reich is apparent. Indeed, the two tracks are each based around specific processes.  A-Side ‘How To Be Saved' features the controlled feedback of multiple microphones. B-Side ‘Free As The Lord Provides' explores reverbs and delays as they interact with a simple tone.

Culled from extensive improvisations, this release carries a sense of immediacy - the sound of accidentals and interruptions - doors opening, background dialogue.

The packaging is designed around a religious leaflet found in the street, and chimes with the music - minimal but engrossing. The track titles are the first and last phrases found on the leaflet, respectively.

Further releases and performances are planned for the Schwerpunkt project soon.

Released as a red cassette tape in a white case, ‘How To Be Saved And Know It’ will be accompanied by an A6 zine designed as a counterpoint to the tape. IHMR will also be distributing this release digitally, through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and others.  All tapes come with free downloads. Preorders are available now.