Taming Power -  Selections for FEF (CS)

Taming Power - Selections for FEF (CS)


Askild Haugland has been releasing instrumental music as Taming Power on his own Early Morning Records for the last twenty years, including recordings that date back a decade further. His discography includes six LPs, ten 10" EPs, a couple of 7"s and an array of micro-edition cassettes. 2016 saw the appearance of a double cassette on Jon Collin's Winebox Press, the first release on another label, which we're delighted to follow up here.
Working in isolation, Taming Power's music reveals little in the way of discernible influences, whether he's playing electric guitar or no-input tape machine feedback. No matter the instruments, the music feels detached from the human world, instead evoking vast natural landscapes or the microcosmos of electrical circuits.
Selections for Fort Evil Fruit is comprised of mostly unreleased tracks, and some culled from privately distributed cassette releases. The recordings date as far back as 1998, with a trio of 2017 guitar pieces opening the album. Elsewhere Haugland uses organ, tape machine noise, and musique concrete, the longest tracks being in-depth explorations of guitar harmonics.
Taming Power is a real rarity in this day and age - an underground project that has maintained a singular vision over a lengthy career with a minimum of online presence and media attention.