Thresholds & Other Crossings by Rodgers / Michalchuk / Helstrom (CS)

Thresholds & Other Crossings by Rodgers / Michalchuk / Helstrom (CS)

The sax / bass / drums lineup might suggest a jazz trio, but this transatlantic collaboration attempts a non-idiomatic style of improvisation. A doomy, ambiguous tonality maintains a noirish mood, with the seven tracks feeling like repeated examinations into the same trough of disquiet and existential dread. The closest comparison might be the more downtempo side of John Zorn's Painkiller.

Cathal Rodgers has previously appeared on FEF as a member of Wreck of the Hesperus, Ordnance and Spermicidal. His diverse discography also includes releases under his own name, Wereju, Weary of Empires and other aliases.
Saxophonist Rob Michalchuk is based in Brantford, Ontario, runs the Poor Little Music label and is a member of "free improv freak unit" Fossils.
Drummer Nils Helstrom is an Irish-based soundscape artist who has played with instrumental band Parhelia, "but most often tends to pursue the knots and webs of speculative realism, dark ecology and hyperobjects"
released March 15, 2018

Cathal Rodgers - bass
Rob Michalchuk - saxophone
Nils Helstrom - drums

Cover image by Giovanni Domenico Cassini (8 June 1625 – 14 September 1712)


"Objective imagination, in the light of science, rejected religion as charlatanism, and the inner world as a bundle of fairy tales, a relic of primeval superstition. ……Religious negotiations had formerly embraced and humanized the archaic energies of instinct and feeling. They had conversed in simple but profound terms with the forces struggling inside people, and had civilized them, or attempted to. Without religion, those powers have become dehumanized. The whole inner world has become elemental, chaotic, continually more primitive and beyond our control." - Ted Hughes