Tom Boogizm - I Can't Sleep Because My Mind Won't Switch Off


C35 Cassette tape documenting Tom Boogizm's second Pariah Caste tape, the first one being on his own label. Tom is a lad from Wigan in Lancashire he's an outstanding DJ with huge passion for music and a major love for digging only the finest tunes out for his panoramic dj sets. This tape seems like its a condensation of his wide knowledge and his passions recorded onto tape. Ive been listening to this one on repeat for days now and it never tires my ears to hear tracks like 'ECM' (from the german jazz and classical label) or 'Murder Bridge' still standing out for me on my 30th or so listen. The track 'Note From A Thief' is a totally beautiful organic masterpiece and a oddity on the tape when put up against the mostly sample heavy rhythms and soundscapes. As the closing bars of 'Note From A Thief' draw in, I feel it all starts to make sense . As a bonus track there is an outstanding reworking of ECM by new Ono artist Dispilio. VERY impressed and very proud to be low speed dubbing off 50 copies only of this beautiful little treasure that is Tom Boogizm's vision of nighttime walks around the quiet streets of Manchester.

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