A crystallisation of the Manchester scene as we see it alongside labels and artists we admire from around the world.. Promoting and pushing forward
the musicians and sounds we see as important to document.

We will opening up an online source of information and shop to pull together the many strands of sound that pass through our labels to make them
available further afield.

Currently we stock : Tesla Tapes, Tombed Visions, Sacred Tapes, Ono, Samarbeta, Little Crackd Rabbit, Zamzam, OnoTesla. We hope to expand this
collection to include more strands of friends labels and as our labels grow we will develop this online resource to support this network of
music we feel it is important to promote.

We urge our customers to firstly buy directly from the labels or artists we have in stock in our shop and if they have sold out of copies of what
you are after then we here at Ono Tesla will hopefully be able to provide you with what you want at the right price.

Reasonable postage in the uk and combining postage for many labels important to us at this moment.
Up to 4 LPs £3.50 flat rate.
CDs £1.50

Logo Designed by
Matt O'Mara  Nathan Todhunter & James Hall While still Students at Stockport University
Multiples of items often with a strong handmade or DIY aesthetic, the items we sell often come with accompanying soundtrack on cassette or vinyl.