Ceramic Hobs - Spirit World Circle Jerk

Ceramic Hobs - Spirit World Circle Jerk

10 GBP
Vinyl LPs with individually silkscreened cover prints of religious art created by Dr Adolf Steg

August 1st 2013 (Lughnasadh) – The Ceramic Hobs release their sixth album proper”Spirit World Circle Jerk”

1. SAY NO TO – the Rev Gary Davis song suddenly switches into ‘Hellhound On My Trail’ as the music changes into discord – the Hobs’ first full length religious album begins at the crossroads
2. FALLING DOWN THE STAIRS – a kind of rock song with intense and unpleasant lyric – we are in the realm of the Satanic Panic, of fundamentalist witchhunts
3. THE HONG KONG GOOLAGONG – the alcoholic nightmare visions of David Berg’s cult played out over a military beat and sinister chord changes – music for Junior End Time Teens
4. GLASGOW HOUSEWIFE – the ethanol poisoning continues as Bible John makes his unwholesome appearance
5. THE SPIRIT WORLD CIRCLE JERK – highly uncharacteristic guitar-mandolin bells melody over which dark premonitory visions received in Greece meet the text of a strange Portuguese 419 scam
6. T.A. DEATH – the Church of Scientology enters the fray and secretive power plays are dealt with over driving and loud rock music
7. VOODOO PARTY – twenty minute piece taking up all of side two dealing with the rise of superstition, the worship of celebrities and how they are anchored in the Spirit World – based around an initial recording of a band dérive on the streets of Glasgow this now includes many layers of sound including psychedelic guitar, a horn section and a genuine example of willed spirit world possession from band members. Remixed in Berlin by Kakawaka.
Cramp and paralyse them and those that worship Babylon and deal in iniquity.

Available from Must Die Records  in a hand-numbered edition of 250 vinyl LPs with individually silkscreened cover prints of religious art created by Dr Adolf Steg. The Ceramic Hobs are a currently eight-piece band beyond description whose previous releases include The Stoat Rides Out (1988) and Straight Outta Rampton (2001) plus well over thirty other recordings for underground labels worldwide since 1985.